Happy Endings: The Day A Trans Trucker Went Looking For Justice

Vikki-Marie Gaynor claims DHL-owned Exel Europe forced her out of her job after she started living as a woman:

Almost as soon as I told them I was changing my name to Vikki-Marie and entering the transition stage of my gender reassignment things changed. I started getting hurtful comments and my shifts started being cancelled without warning.

Juan Uys, South Africa’s alleged “gay sex” blogger and fraudulent activist, arrested.

Damien Hirst joins forces with Levi’s.

• We’re less intrigued by what Lisa Rinna is doing in the main picture and more concerned with how she got into the bathing suit. It looks complicated.

Kelly Clarkson apologizes for dissing Clive Davis.

• AIDS totally whooping world’s butt. President Bush’s AIDS adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci says, “For every one person that you put in therapy, six new people get infected. So we’re losing that game, the numbers game.”

President Bush‘s asshole is A-Ok!

• New Jersey gay bash:

Two gay men were attacked early Saturday morning in Hoboken in what police have labeled a “tragic bias” incident… The attackers started punching and kicking the men, yelling anti-gay, derogatory names, said Capt. Anthony Romano of the Hoboken police. “They hit the two gentlemen because they were gay,” Romano said.

Beenie Man may have denied signing the Reggae Compassion Act, but Buju Banton‘s making it no secret.