Happy Endings: The Day An Army Man Raped Superman

• Army Staff Sgt. Edmundo F. Estrada from Virginia’s Fort Eustis has been charged with rape, indecent assault, having an inappropriate relationship with a trainee, and cruelty and maltreatment of subordinates, after another solider alleged Estrada forced him to dress up like Superman and then, well, raped him. He told his victim that he’d previously “help soldiers with their self-confidence and alleviate depression”. Um right… Could it be Devery L. Taylor’s going to get a cell mate? [Pilot Online]

• The media’s been so focussed on Ann Coulter‘s faggot flinging that no one’s acknowledging her suggestion that gays should be Republicans: “Gays make a lot of money and are victims of crime… [And] Republicans are anti-tax and anti-crime.” Lane Hudson says she’s sort of, not really saying gays should be protected by hate crime laws. Do you agree or do you think Hudson’s had a few too many poppers? [News From The Left]

• Long Hill, New Jersey mayor and practicing lesbian Gina Genovese will be running for Senator. That’s really all you need to know. [The Star Ledger]

Soulforce rides again! And they’re coming to a town near you! [Soulforce]

• So, too, are Scissor Sisters! [Scissor Sisters]

• We knew it all along: Britney Spears is the anti-Christ! [Mollygood]

• Rich old tax evader and gay marriage activist Charles Merill wants to be the next non-gay gay artistic messiah. To this end, he’s entered a painting into Charles Saatchi‘s art competition, Smackdown. And, not surprisingly, he wants you vote. How do we know? He sent out his own press release. [Earth Times]

• DNC Chairman Howard Dean on the late AIDS activist, Bob Hattoy: “This weekend, America lost a true champion for justice. Aside from being a fierce advocate on causes ranging from LGBT rights and HIV issues, to civil liberties and the environment, Bob Hattoy was a wonderfully charming man with a tremendous sense of humor… Through Bob’s life and service to our country, we are all reminded of the need to do more to encourage greater participation of all Americans, including gays and lesbians, in our political process.” [365 Gay]