Happy Endings: The Day Anglican Leader Rowan Williams Had A Gay “Secret”

• Archbishop of Canterbury and the Anglican Communion’s head honcho Rowan Williams to hold special “secret” communion with gay Anglicans. A church spokesman said,

It should come as no surprise that the Archbishop is meeting pastorally with clergy and others affected by the current debates in the Church. Such encounters extend across the Church and right across the range of opinions found within the Church. Few of these encounters ever reach the public domain. That is exactly as it should be.

Considering the state of disunion amongst Anglicans, we’re sure Nigerian Archbishop Peter Akinola and his anti-gay brethren will use this against Williams, whom they view as too soft on the pufftas.

• Our favorite CNN journo, Jeanne Moos, takes on the Gays For Giuliani.

Ireland gets steamy safe gay sex campaign.

• Britain’s penal system heard wedding bells this weekend after convicted killer Christopher Nudds married his equally imprisoned lover.

Mitt Romney, Republicans not down with blacks.

President Bush selects former judge Michael Mukasey for abandoned AG slot.

• Celeb-stylist Rachel Zoe’s success and vapidness defy logic. Sample quote: “I wish caffeine had vitamins in it.” Shame it doesn’t. You know what does? Food.

Paris Hilton tired of “artificial” people in LA. She must be exhausted!

Sweden’s government gives gay rights group 200,000 euros. Another 116,000 will go to International Lesbian and Gay Association.

Two gays attacked at Vanderbilt.