Happy Endings: The Day Barack Felt Some Backlash

Barack Obama‘s proud to have gay Bishop Gene Robinson’s vote. Interfaith Alliance honcho, Reverend Welton Gaddy, however, isn’t so pleased with Barack Obama’s Robinson pride:

Today’s endorsement of Senator Barack Obama’s campaign for president by Bishop Gene Robinson is just the latest example of candidates misusing religious leaders for political gain.

Holy smokes!

Picture it: America, 2035 – God has smitten costume-wearing sex fiends. Gays become national treasure.

• Can Singapore’s homophobia get any more ridiculous? The Media Development agency has censored a short story reading which included a story by gay author Ng Yi-Sheng:

Ng’s text was disallowed as it had gone beyond good taste and decency in taking a disparaging and disrespectful view of public officers.

Ng’s got at least one theory as to why the government banned his story: it included a politician called “Lee Low Tar,” which sounds somewhat similar to PM Lee Hsien Loong.

• Village People’s former cop, Victor Willis, claims YMCA not gay.

• HRC launches mini-site:Visible ’08. Dedicated to next week’s gay debates, the site features candidate rundowns, blog posts and essays by Billie Jean King, Richard Kim, Kate Clinton and Rod McCullom, who writes:

By electing a Democratic president of your choice–and there are no shortage of qualified candidates–we can ensure that LGBT persons in all the 50 states will have basic rights like protection from employment discrimination and are protected by hate crimes legislation.

Can the Log Cabinites say the same?

• On a related note, Senator Chris Dodd will not be participating in the August 9th debates. Why? “Scheduling conflicts”. The gays must have been penciled in.

Google cellphone?

Vegans just got more annoying: many refuse to fuck non-vegans.

• ABC’s Geico caveman sitcom gets retooled for racism.