And Jenna Bush Paved The Way For A New Generation Of Evil

Happy Endings: The Day Bears Blew Our Mind
• For reasons unknown even to them, Gawker decided to post this video of the world’s first “bear synth band”, BearForce1. Your life will never, ever be the same…

JC Chasez came out of hiding long enough to have his “heterosexuality” photography.

• Anti-gay activist Patricia McKeever “honored” to be nominated as Britain’s Bigot of the Year.

• Britain’s Minister of Sport saves Iranian lesbian from deportation. For now, at least…

• New Jerseyite’s love gay marital love.

• So that’s what Good Times look like

• UK’s The Times uses “Paris Hilton” and “genius” in the same sentence.

Jim Naugle madness hits NY Times:

In an interview, Mr. Naugle – who described himself as “extremely” conservative despite being a registered Democrat, like half the city’s registered voters – said he had received 4,000 e-mail messages in recent weeks, mostly supportive. A “climate of permissiveness” has developed in the city, he said, similar to when Fort Lauderdale was a magnet for rowdy spring breakers several decades ago.

“It has become kind of like the days of spring break,” he said, “when we ended up clamping down because people were jumping off balconies and other things. We are kind of going in that direction with the gay tourism.”

And that’s supposed to entice gay tourists?

Jenna Bush got engaged, thus ensuring her father’s genes will be passed on to a new generation.