Happy Endings: The Day Bob Allen Set The Record “Straight”

• After being arrested after soliciting a cop for oral sex, Florida Rep. Bob Allen says he’ll fight the charges:

I am filing a not guilty plea. I am going to vigorously fight this. I am not resigning my office because the people who elected me want me to do a good job and I am going to do a good job, in finishing this term. This is an ugly and unpleasant situation that has been thrust on me and my family. It is not true. It is not accurate, and therefore [I’m] not guilty.

He then starts to tear up. What a fag.

• Three conservative Christians took it upon themselves to interrupt the Senate’s first Hindu prayer. What disgraceful, disrespectful pricks.

Remembering Oz: the gayest prison show in all the land.

• There are soon to be some unemployed homo-journos wandering the streets: PlanetOut Inc closing offices in Buenos Aires, London.

Hillary Clinton overheard striking a deal with “competitor” John Edwards.

Facebook doesn’t accept the Gay family.

• Gay guitarist Bob Mould on gay musicians: “I think artists who self-identify as being gay artists still have a hard time. I think as time goes on, it will become less of an issue.”

• Homos great and small have some Good Times last night at Eastern Bloc. Did you?

Brandon Kneefel came out of the closet at 14. His parents, unfortunately, wanted him to stay in.