Happy Endings: The Day Chris Rico Spoke Out

• From Chris Rico‘s new anti-gay basher site Try Love, Not Hate:

I was choking on blood face down on the ground before I even realized what was happening to me. As I struggled to crawl to my feet, I was greeted by thunderous kicks to my ribs and my temple and the venomous and inconceivable cry, “die fucking faggot.”

Sound familiar? Hopefully not, but probably so. Thousands of homos get bashed every year. Lend your voice (and face) to Rico’s fight to fight anti-gay fighters. Maybe if we yell loud enough, President Bush will actually listen…

Sotheby’s has already raked in $280 million since January. Starving artist indeed.

• The “Get a Divorce” billboard got dumped.

• Gay meanie Steven Green remains in critical condition after getting hit by a car while walking to his Rolls Royce. Poor thing.

• Never, ever forget that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger used to pose naked for Robert Mapplethorpe.

Al Sharpton versus Mitt Romney: may the biggest dickwad win, ride off into the sunset, take the loser and never be seen again. What a wonderful world that would be…

Lance Bass got a job! As an intern! (That’s what he gets for believing in Joey Fatone.)