Happy Endings: The Day Dina Got Greedy

• Apparently former NJ first lady Dina Matos-McGreevey can’t live on $4000 a month:

In total, I need $11,162 per month to meet my expenses. This lifestyle by no means approximates the lifestyle which plaintiff enjoys, much less the lifestyle we enjoyed while plaintiff was governor, but it will allow Jacqueline and me to live a lifestyle I can maintain on my income together with a reasonable amount of support from plaintiff.

Maybe she’s saving up for a brain.

Lesbians are running this Hollywood shit.

• Are New York’s “finest” trumping up charges to crack down on queer clubs?

• Styx bassist Chuck Panozzo on coming clean about his sexuality:

I’m sitting there going, ‘What a wonderful career, but your personal life sucks. ‘These albums are not going to come off the wall and hug you. They’re not going to comfort you and caress you.’ I told myself that if I made it through this illness, I would dedicate myself to living an authentic life. I wasted the first 50. I’m not going to waste whatever I had left.

“An authentic life”…well put.

• Rock on! Led Zeppelin’s getting back together!

Angelina Jolie wants Brad Pitt to keep his mouth closed.

Social networking sites are getting old. No, seriously – a number of sites cater to the AARP set.

Jason Preston likes dead mice.

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  • Alexa

    I don’t like the woman, but Dina McGreevey is not being especially greedy. She is asking for an increase TO $4000 not FROM $4000, and this is child support not spousal support. She is currently getting $1,129 to support her daughter. The $11,000 figure is what she says she needs to cover her expenses and includes her own earnings.

    As for her husband, a parent earning over $400,000 a year who only pays $1000 a month in child support is a scumbag. But we knew that already.

  • mozzer13

    Where the hell is James McGreevy getting $400k per year?! Gee, I wish I had stayed in the closet, sucked rest stop dick, sexually harassed an employee who wasn’t fit for his job, and stepped down from my job in shame!

  • ProfessorVP

    The day she got greedy? Do you mean her wedding day, the day she got engaged, or the day she met McGreevey and planned to be his beard?

  • Jon

    Please, She makes $82,000 per year. Plus the $1000 per month her ex gives her, that’s an additonal $12,000. That’s more than enough to support a single woman and a young child. Why should he be responsible to keep her in the lifestyle she was used to when he was governer? If he were still married to her there is no guarantee that he would still be governer and no guarantee that he would have a $400,000 income. Why should she be entitled to any part of the $400,000 income he has now when she played no part in him earning it?

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