Happy Endings: The Day Eva Longoria Got Married

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are now officially man and housewife (forgive us). They’ll do it again tomorrow. Obviously they’re desperate for attention (Oh, it hurts!).

• If Enrique Iglesias were gay, he’d go for George Clooney. And, apparently, have no imagination. (Sorry, Ricky Martin.)

Shirley Phelps-Roper has been charged with child abuse after letting her 10-year old stomp a flag while protesting a soldier’s funeral. If convicted, she could receive 3-months in jail. God willing…

Bruce Weber does gay ballet dancer Christopher Wheeldon.

• Did gay/straight war lead to patron’s booting?

• Homo-hating Surgeon General nominee Dr. James Holsinger faces the Senate next week.

Kevin Spacey likes his beer like he likes his men – fruity.

• Did someone shoot Enrique Villegas because he’s gay?

• Friends and family pulled the plug on Satendar Singh, the victim of an alleged anti-gay hate crime.

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  • mozzer13

    While I do think she is abusing her daughter by teaching her to hate people so violently, I think that state law is quite likely Constitutional. Damn you Nebraska for making me agree with that nutjob!!!

  • Ash

    Obviously, the Phelps are crazies. But I am so sick of this country’s insistence on the sacredness of the flag. It’s a piece of cloth and it shouldn’t be put on a pedestal any more than my bedspread or t-shirt should.

    Patriotism, nationalism, and this country are less than fabulous.

  • sp32836

    Ash, since you think this country is less than fabulous, why don’t you take your bedspread and t-shirt and move to China or maybe another country that oppresses it’s people. That way you don’t have to worry about such silly things as patriotism or nationalism..

  • Hunter Hoop

    Yeah, since the United States is just overflowing with equal rights for all of us LGBTers who come to this blog. That makes a TON of sense sp32838.

    I agree, nationalism and patriotism are bullshit in terms of “my nation is so much better and important than yours”. Now if our nationalism simply meant embodying the principles of freedom and goodwill and not overthrowing sovereign nations or controlling said sovereign nations through shady business dealings then I would be totally down for it.

  • Ash

    Exactly, Hunter. But the majority of so-called “patriots” in this country only became so after 9/11, which I have referred to as “false patriotism” since 2001. I’m sick of being told we’re the best country in the world, when we are full of horrible phobias and isms of all sorts, and run by small-minded ignoramuses. And sp32836, you sound like another idiot brainwashed by Fox News and U.S. History 101.

  • sp32836

    Ash, maybe you can keep this conversation on an adult level instead of slinging the “idiot’ word around. I happen to have dual MBAs which I got by putting myself through school while working a full time job. I am also an Icelandic-American citizen who served 10 years in the US Air Force and I happen to be gay. Oh yeah and by the way I served in Desert Shield, so I’m not one of your “false patriots”. Never once in my comment did I say we were the best country in the world. I know better, I’ve seen it up close and personal that we are far from being the best. However, that being said, we are a far cry better than some other countries I have visited.
    Hunter, at least in our country we have a tiny foothold on making positive progress for equal rights for the LGBT community. Maybe you should visit some other countries that I have visited where our rights as a LGBT community are so oppressed that if you are caught showing affection to someone of the same sex, you could be put to death.

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