Happy Endings: The Day Eva Longoria Got Married

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are now officially man and housewife (forgive us). They’ll do it again tomorrow. Obviously they’re desperate for attention (Oh, it hurts!).

• If Enrique Iglesias were gay, he’d go for George Clooney. And, apparently, have no imagination. (Sorry, Ricky Martin.)

Shirley Phelps-Roper has been charged with child abuse after letting her 10-year old stomp a flag while protesting a soldier’s funeral. If convicted, she could receive 3-months in jail. God willing…

Bruce Weber does gay ballet dancer Christopher Wheeldon.

• Did gay/straight war lead to patron’s booting?

• Homo-hating Surgeon General nominee Dr. James Holsinger faces the Senate next week.

Kevin Spacey likes his beer like he likes his men – fruity.

• Did someone shoot Enrique Villegas because he’s gay?

• Friends and family pulled the plug on Satendar Singh, the victim of an alleged anti-gay hate crime.