Happy Endings: The Day Jared Polis Got Political

• Colorado-based entrepreneur (founder of ProFlower and ecard company, BlueMountain] and and philanthropist Jared Polis has thrown his name into the running for the state’s representative seat. Polis, whose eponymous foundation donates millions to educational purposes, released a statement:

Here in Colorado, I have been fortunate enough to be a part of a strong community that values diversity and respects our differences, but our health care and educational systems rarely match our American promise; I will provide leadership to change that. “We must end the war in Iraq so we can focus on combating poverty and discrimination and growing a more inclusive and sustainable economy here at home.

If elected, Polis will become Colorado’s first openly gay representative. Quite a change for the state that once boasted the highest concentration of Evangelicals.

• Fourteen Canadian prison guards have asked to be transferred after Correctional officials refused to separate an . The girls give new meaning to “bad ass bitches from hell”:

After a verbal spat shortly after their wedding, one of the women – and another inmate – smashed up a washer, dryer, microwave oven, fridge and stereo in her cell block… Shortly afterwards, the inmate screamed racial slurs at a guard and slammed a door shut in the face of another.

Pretty rude. Also, this news source: Canada’s Canoe, listed this news story under “weird news”.

• Seventeen South African churches have applied for licenses to officiate gay marriages.

Rosie O’Donnell will not rest until Elisabeth Hasselbeck stops watching Fox News.

• Will someone please tell us what the hell happened to Jessica Simpson? Also, why we care about what the hell happened to Jessica Simpson?

• On a somewhat related note – why does Angelina Jolie think it’s okay to play a black woman?