Happy Endings: The Day Joe Francis Made Lemonade

• Well, not really, but we bet the incarcerated producer behind Girls Gone Wild he’d love to profit off of Prison Guys Gone Wild.

Details flippantly deliver the “truth”: their rag’s a total fag. Guess they really did deserve that GLAAD award.

Whoopi headed to The View? That makes sense: she’s kind of like a black Rosie O’Donnell. Only “not” gay.

• Boise State University and conservative Idaho Family Alliance’s Bryan Fischer’s “Transgender Bathroom Wars” continue. Honestly, we didn’t know they had begun

• We dont’ understand a word of French singer Zazie‘s 1992 jam, “Sucre Sale”, but we dig the homo-flavored, naked model filled video.

• Scandal-ridden congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham denounced his anti-gay ways after buying a yacht from a bunch of butt pirates, according to Seth Hettena, author of Feasting on the Spoils. He told “Buoy Toys'” former owners,

I now vote pro-gay, and it’s because of you [guys]… I’m sure I’ve met lots of gay people, but I’ve never met two guys that, you know, were outwardly gay and … that I would consider drinking buddies and friends and boating buddies and people I want to spend time with … that also said, ‘Oh, by the way, I just happened to be gay.

The purchase even Cunningham to apologize to openly gay congressman Barney Frank for his homophobic potty mouth, according to Radar. The article also points out the yacht led to a bribery investigation that ended his career. We wonder if he’s still keen on the queens.