And Valerie Plame Took On The CIA

Happy Endings: The Day John Amaechi Got Prouder

John Amaechi has signed on to lead Salt Lake City’s Gay Pride parade. The Utah town’s also home to his former NBA team, The Jazz. We wonder if his old teammates will come out to support his coming out. Probably not…

President Bush‘s pick for Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, Leslie Southwick, isn’t only a great lawyer, he’s a racist and homophobe! Good to know our president has a grasp on justice.

• Conservacunts take on Shrek The Third‘s ugly step-sister, saying the Larry King voiced character pushes the transgendered agenda. Don’t these people have anything bettter to do with their lives?

Coolest art website in history? We think so…

• Speaking of cool – Warner Brothers announced they are adapted DC Comic Teen Titans into a movie. Radical.

• The trials and tribulations of gay Mormons.

• Former CIA operative Valerie Plame and publisher Simon and Schuster have filed a lawsuit against the CIA for screwing with her forthcoming memoir.