Happy Endings: The Day John Travolta Spoke Out

• Scientologist John Travolta had a few words for gays protesting his cross-dressing, John Watersendorsed appearance in Hairspray.

There is nothing gay in this movie. I’m not playing a gay man. Scientology is not homophobic in any way, in fact it’s one of the more tolerant faiths. Anyone’s accepted.

As long as they assimilate to pre-determined Scientological “lifestyles” and sacrifice their rational thought, brain and soul.

• Gay for pay porn star Marc Dalton continues to make his parents proud: a domestic dispute violated his probation and landed him back in jail. And he’ll probably be there for the foreseeable future.

• Did Kate Moss leave Pete Doherty because he cheated? If his junk problem didn’t come between them, we’re sure they can reconcile a moment of sluttiness..

• PlanetOut may have saved its hide, but British fag rag Attitude appears to be falling into old habits: disappearing. And rumor has it the staff hasn’t been paid since April.

Rosie O’Donnell would have “more fun” in prison than Paris Hilton. And when she says “more fun,” she means “more muff”.

Are You Being Served? star John Inman left his lover Ron Lynch more than £2.8 million in inheritance, on which Lynch won’t have to pay tax because the men had a civil partnership. What benefits!

• What happened to Andrew Sullivan‘s brain? The conservative homo-journo recently praised sero-sorting – that is, when HIV positive gays only have sex with other positive gays, and negatives with negatives – as “the most effective barrier against HIV transmission among gay men in this new [post-med] world”. Gabriel Rotello‘s suspicious of this claim, saying,

This kind of reckless disregard for studies and science is the hallmark of Sullivan’s approach to AIDS prevention. He has engaged in it for years.

Rotello also take son Sullivan’s sero-sorting advocacy ally, Michael Petrelis. It’s on.

• Lindsay Lohan’s out of rehab! Hide your vodka, cocaine and children!

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  • underbear1

    Andrew Sullivan that putrid hypocrite who was OUTED advertising for unsafe bare-back sex when he was already diagnosed as HIV+
    He can get off his high and mighty moral superiority posture. I’m also living with AIDS, and have had several longterm partners both HIV + and HIV- who remain HIV-.
    I wouldn’t walk across the street to p*ss on Andrew, if he burst into flames.

  • KJ

    This is one ‘mo that’s not going to boycott “Haispray” due to Travolta’s appearance, though I might be guilty of thinking fondly of his appearance in “Grease”. If I boycotted everyone with whom I had a difference, I’d never get out.

    However, Travolta did forget to mention that “anyone’s accepted” in Scientology as long they can pay to achieve the next level.

    Oop! Xenu’s going to get me for sure!

  • underbear1

    I read several articles on San Francisco sero-sorting, which is vague at BEST, most studies said 11 factors would be looked into to find out why the AIDS cases are growing at 1.2 rate rather than the predicted 2.2 rate. My best guess is the dangers of crystal became more well known, and that decreased the infection rates. I’ve never had any medical or support person recomend what sero-status my partner should be, and who the hell does Sullivan think enforses this practice?
    From what I’ve seen in 21 years of living with AIDS, many men claim to not know their status,(which is mostly bullsh*t so they can play as they like and not get any blame.) Sullivan himself didn’t post his HIV status when he was outed concerning barebacking. Men will lie about there status, I’ve seen men I know are POZ who have two different profiles on sites, one says HIV+, the other doesn’t answer the question or states,”I don’t know.”
    Just play safer.

  • sundog

    i just don’t give a fuck about this travolta shit

    i really don’t

    sue me

    i wanna see hairspray… buzz is good, looks like fun

    the rest is bullshit


  • hisurfer

    What boycott? One guy at one magazine says don’t go. That’s hardly a boycott. With that, Mr. Travolta needs to get out more if he sees nothing ‘gay’ in Hairspray. One thing I like about John Waters is the way he can make a totally queer movie without having any actual gay characters. You’d think any actor would understand this.

  • Qjersey

    Yeah serosorting works for spreading more STD’s. Its really charming that most of the new STD infections are among HIV poz men too, really helps with public perception of us too.

    MIssing from all of this is any discussion of other forms of “partner selection.” Sorry, poz or neg serosorting with a one time hook up in the bathhouse, on the ‘net, whereever is just asking for an STD.

    Save the BB for guys you actually “know,” or at least have a name and address for….to give the health dept when he gives you an STD!!!

  • thatguyfromboston

    Look, it’s really easy…If you’re poz assume everyone you hook up with is neg and do your part to keep them that way, and if you’re neg assume everyone you hook up with is poz and do your part to stay that way.

  • thatguyfromboston

    I meant do your part to keep yourself neg. ugh, need more caffeine.

  • dreamgirl

    Good God I love John Waters for always telling it like it is! The Buzz on Hairspray is great and I will go just for the fun of it! Travolta’s got balls to do it his way and make us laugh at him. He’s a believable Baltimore babe, funny and I don’t care what his religion is…we need a good summer musical! Lighten up and dance in the streets!!

  • nycstudman

    I heard a coupla years ago Dalton hooked up with a very hot (female) X dealer in NYC & dipped a bit too much into the MDMA batch, and it was downhill from there. Too bad, he’s a genuine looker and has (had) a real downhome quality that was sexy as hell.

  • sunnyboy

    This just in… my ex-roomate,who works for the SUN, got the premiere invite and AIDS Action Baltimore is getting the proceeds….so maybe JW does know what he’s talking about… and Travolta can dance!

  • djtx1

    Regarding Marc Dalton, he’s a neighbor of mine here in Denton, TX. I’ve almost wrecked my car when I’ve driven by and he’s been doing yard work wearing nothing but a little pair of onion skin shorts.

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