Happy Endings: The Day Joseph Sayer Had Something To Say-er

• Super Aryan model Joseph Sayers sat down with Connexion 247 for a bit of chat, including how he’d react to a gaggle of crazed fans: “I can’t even imagine a crowd going wild, but if they did, I’d handle it well.” Oh, we’ve got no doubt.

Rhiannon O’Donnabhain declared her $25,000 same sex operation as a medical expense. The IRS told her to turn her head and cough up the dough. Now she’s suing.

• Will Brooks-Brothers’ Thom Browne gamble pay off?

• If this happened today, the seemingly helpful, zoo keeping penis guru would be in jail. Or a priest.

• New York City gays throw party for Hillary Clinton. Celebrate party with drink named after Hillary Clinton.

• Are corporations the new gay activists?

David Beckham loves that gay men love him. From this month’s W cover article:

[Beckham] seems more than comfortable with the fact that his softer side–in combination with his hard body–has won him a sizable gay fan base. “I feel it’s an honor,” he says. “It’s nice to be loved.”

And it’s nice loving you, Becks.

• Speaking of loving Becks, you’ll love these behind the scenes shots from the W article’s accompanying, Steven Klein snapped photo spread.

Ian McKellan urges Singapore’s government to take pro-gay steps.

• Shocker: Ugandan Anglicans not about the gays.