The Day Justice Got A Chance

Happy Endings

Ruben Solorio has been arrested in connection with the 2005 murder of Arizona-based drag queen, Amancio Corrales. Hooray!

• Get the low down on Sao Paulo Pride parties. Be sure to send us a postcard. And a Brazilian.

David Banda‘s the cutest of all Madonna‘s “stolen” African babies!

Focus on The Family seems to think that New York state law defines marriage as “between a man and a woman”. Good As You calls “bullshit”.

• The United Kingdom’s foremost expert on sex change operations, Dr. Russell Reid, has been found guilty of professional misconduct after rushing five patients into surgery without following proper procedure.

Scream screenwriter and known homosexual Kevin Williamson has a new soap: Hidden Palms. AfterElton describes it as a blend between The OC and Desperate Housewives. Sounds juicy shitty interesting…

• It’s Fleet Week and this sailor’s looking for some action. Also, has a crush on his drill sergeant, no foresight (he included his picture).

• Some people may take offense at Best Week Ever calling this man a “scary tranny”, but nothing else fits. Except, maybe, for Norman Bates.