Happy Endings: The Day Marc Jacobs Went Back To Rehab

Marc Jacobs has apparently headed back to rehab. The designer flew to Arizona after presenting his latest collection in Paris. This is his second stint – he successfully combated a heroin addiction back in 1999. Let’s hope this one sticks. [FWD]

Charles Spencer calls Tennessee Williams‘ lost play an “unexpected pleasure and a genuinely enlightening glimpse into Williams’ art and heart”. [Telegraph]

• Italian conservative and anti-homo politician Paola Binetti lives Christ’s pain through a spiked metal garter. [Observer]

• The benefits of a gay nudist cruise? No dry-cleaning bill. [Globorati]

• Is gay blogger Ben Nicholas a big, big, BIG liar? It sure looks that way. [M4M forum]

• Rest assured that if you write a note to designer Helmut Lang, it will end up in Purple. [New York]

• Meanwhile, Karl Lagerfeld says, “I don’t think I’m too good for what I’m doing.” Well, that’s a relief. [New Yorker]

Ryan Seacrest‘s big date? His mommy. If that ain’t gay, we don’t know what is… [TMZ]

Andrew Christian + scantily clad underwear models forced to restrain themselves lest they frighten the newscaster = one remarkably entertaining clip. [Google Video]

• Two foolish 21-year old Colorado college students have been arrested for allegedly attacking two homos. Luckily, it seems like it was a pretty even fight. [Rocky Mountain News]

• LSU’s lady basketball coach Pokey Chatman has resigned after poking one of her ladies. [AfterEllen]

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  • jvm

    thanks for the article on tennessee williams.

    shameless plug, i’m directing an evening of tennessee williams one-acts here in NYC. march 28th-31st at Ensemble Studio Theater (This Property is Condemned, 27 Wagons Full of Cotton and I Can’t Imagine Tomorrow). Come one, come all.

  • xlibris

    UGH! More tales of sociopathic plagiarists. The problem with much of the blogosphere is that narcissists and people with delusions of grandeur are flouncing all over the digital airwaves. Ben Nichols is just another example of the loss of social conscience, the lack of integrity, and the love affair with being a cheat and a fraud. Surprise, Ben! Someone will always find you out if you keep at way too long.

  • xlibris

    And if you want a real laugh: read Nicholas’ treacly and disingenuous apology for his “mistake.” “I am not a monster and never wanted to be a thief.” Butcha are, Benjy, butcha are!http://www.benjaminnicholas.com/blogger.html

  • Xanadu

    I think Ben’s been through quite enough for his mistake. Time to let it go, let him move forward and continue to work on his craft. He’s actually an incredibly good writer who obviously got lazy. Wrong as it is, it doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s got real talent.

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