And Tom Ford Offers His Special Sex Blend

Happy Endings: The Day Michael Lucas Needed Your Help

• Love him or hate him, you can’t piss on Michael Lucas‘ new mission:

In the past few months I have run into about four acquaintances who have been brutally beaten recently in Chelsea, either during a mugging or for being gay. Interestingly, all of those attacks have occurred on the east side of 8th Avenue, around 22nd street, but I’ve also heard of other similar attacks in Chelsea and in Hell’s Kitchen.

I am going to be writing a story about this in the New York Blade and interviewing people for it, including members of the New York Police Department, which has been almost completely unresponsive despite the fact that all four of the people I spoke to had filed reports.

If you or anyone you know has experienced such an attack in or around these areas in Manhattan please contact me directly at

Susan Stanton – the pre-op trannie formerly known as Largo, Florida, city manager, Steve Stanton – has lost her bid for Sarasota’s city manager position.

Andy Warhol’s Interview for sale.

• Iowan Governor Chet Culver signed the state’s anti-discrimination bill, thus ensuring that gays will be treated with the respect, dignity and nonchalance they deserve. Starting on July 1st, that is – until then, it’s totally open season.

The Guardian hearts gay activist Peter Tatchell. Pass it on…

• A Wisconsin judge has ruled that anti-gay Reverend Grant Storms‘ defamation lawsuit against gay rigths group, Action Wisconsin holds water. Thus, he won’t have to pay their legal fees. Something tells us Action Wisconsin’s going to be having a fund raiser one of these days.

• How on earth did we miss this bit from New York‘s recent Tom Ford profile in which the journo write on Ford’s new scent, Private Blend: “Ford has said that they are supposed to smell like the sweat of a man’s balls. A woman wants a man to smell like a man, he thinks.” Hey! What about the boys? First Ford’s dancing with girls, now he’s offering them sweaty balls? Don’t forget your people, Tommy Boy, don’t forget your people…