Happy Endings: The Day Mormons Got Sexy

Mormon missionaries are challenging stereotypes: they’re not squares, they’re sexy! (Except for Mitt Romney). Check out the goods here!

• Mombian gets things done. After seeing Amazon’s text book and tuition contest didn’t include same-sex partners, this ballsy babe called them out. We won’t give away the ending…

• Alleged anti-gay British politico Miranda Grell alleges she’s a victim of a conspiracy. Allegedly.

Gay ban in Lithuania?

• Gay men’s HIV+ stats can’t be chalked up to whorish behavior:

The HIV epidemic among gay men can’t be explained by their number of sexual partners, U.S. researchers report.

But the sexual behaviors of gay and heterosexual men in the United States may not be as different as most people think, the researchers said. In fact, two surveys found that most gay men have a similar rate of sex with unprotected partners compared to straight men or women.

Decades of anti-gay myth debunked?

Demi Moore’s looks don’t come cheap.

Clay Cane chops up Evan Ross.

Chris Crocker explosion!

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