Happy Endings: The Day Mr. Shepard Asked For Help

• Matthew Shepard’s father, Dennis Shepard, wants you to support Congress’ Matthew Shepard Act, which includes gays in hate crime legislation:

All of us—gay and straight alike–need to act. Hate affects each and every one of us. It knows no limits, follows no clear set of rules, and has infiltrated our society’s most basic institutions.

For more information on how to contact your respective Senators, visit Matthew Shepard’s website.

Rosie v. Paula Abdul: the legend begins.

Uniqlo v. Gap: no contest.

• New York’s Human Rights Division allegedly prefers white gay men, getting sued for discrimination.

• You can thank crazy-as-a-shit-house-rat Lauryn Hill for ruining the Fugees reunion you didn’t want anymore.

• North Carolina Episcopal Reverend Dr. Scott E. McLaughlin wants to make one thing clear: not all American Anglicans like gays. Just in case you forgot.

• A big congratulations to PageOneQ’s Mike Rogers: he’s a BlogPAC hero!

Queer Canadian couple awarded $10,000 after facing three years of anti-gay harassment.

Ibiza is so gay.

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  • UndercoverPants

    Can’t nobody hold a candle to Lauryn Hill. Not Wyclef, not Beyonce, nobody. Shit-house crazy or no.

  • hisurfer

    “Rosie v. Paula”? I think it might be closer to “Rosie + Paula 4evr.” I don’t speak Lesbianese – hopefully some of the chicas here can translate – but to me this …

    there r times
    u r so broken
    pain filled
    love less
    so needy for love …

    … sounds like the start of a seduction, not a feud.

  • allstarecho

    I wish Judy Shepard would donate 20% of her speaking fees, which range from $15,000 to $30,000 per engagement, to organizations that need it such as state gay rights orgs.

  • nycstudman

    Judy Shepard works tirelessly for gay causes. How DARE you insinuate that the bulk of her work doesn’t go to charity, you idiot!

  • hisurfer

    This isn’t Shepard specific, because I don’t know much about the charity, but – After working most of my life with non-profits I need to say: You should ALWAYS question where the money is going. I didn’t encounter many that were corrupt, but there are far too many that are top-heavy, with all the money going to salaries and travel & maybe one high profile star-studded project, and not a lot going elsewhere.

    And anyone in the non-profit world should be used to those questions and insinuations, and ready to cough up the numbers when asked.

    Shepard specific: the article mentions that the bill was attached to a DOD spending bill, and was held up because of debate over Iraq. I can’t find any details on this. Anyone know? It would seem to complicate matters.

  • BillieXX


    Judy Shepard isn’t the problem.

  • glewismsf

    Dear Allstarecho,

    It would be wise to get your facts correct before you post them on a message board and try to tarnish the good name of a wonderful human being.

    First, every single penny that Judy Shepard receives from her speaking engagements goes directly to the Matthew Shepard Foundation to underwrite the operational costs of our work, so that every dollar donated by our supporters goes to our programmatic work.

    Second, Judy Shepard’s speaking fees are no where near what you have outlined in your post. I would be interested to hear where you got these highly inflated numbers.

    At the Matthew Shepard Foundation we welcome inquires about how we operate and are happy to answer them, but ask that you check your facts and substantiate them before you try to tarnish a human being and her great work.

    Gregory Lewis
    Managing Director
    Matthew Shepard Foundation

  • allstarecho

    I know for a fact she charged a university gay/straight alliance $20,000 to come speak at the university. I have a problem with that, and therefore you can see why I said what I said. So if you want a DARE nycstudman, I DARE you to kiss my ass!

  • BillieXX


    Grow up baby. Her time is not free. Just because she’s speaking for a cause you support doesn’t mean she’s required to do it for free or donate money to groups you like. She, like you, has bills to pay and I know for a fact if you could get $20,000 for speaking you would ask for it (just like I would!).

  • allstarecho

    Yeah, I would Billie.. since I’m not part of any cause. If I were part of a cause, I’d make sure I wouldn’t charge a ridiculous amount to a group that is also part of my cause. It doesn’t cost $20 grand to fly in, speak, and fly out.

  • BillieXX


    But you know baby that you really have no credibility here, right? You make some crazy charge but you offer no facts except that you “know” what Shepard charged a university. What’s the name of the school? When was the offer made? Did Shepard speak at the school? Can anyone, other than you, support the $20,000 charge? How do you know this? And how do you respond to the retort by Mr. Lewis? Answer these questions and you get some cred. Otherwise, you are simply full of hot air.

  • allstarecho

    Indeed, but I’ll sleep easy at night knowing the truth. ;]

  • Martini-boy

    Billie, I like you!

  • hisurfer

    “since I’m not part of any cause.” But your name links to a political website, ‘Equality Mississippi.’ That’s a cause. You need to be honest to demand honesty.

  • BillieXX


    OMG! You did not just pull the “I know the truth but I just can’t share it with you” crap. That’s like me saying I live in a loft apartment, with servants, and a bunch of nympho twinkie bottoms at my beckon call; however, I can’t invite you over.

    Move on baby. Move on. The rest of us have.


    Why thank you. Very kind of you. You wouldn’t happen to know any twinkie nympho bottoms? :-)

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