Happy Endings: The Day Mr. Shepard Asked For Help

• Matthew Shepard’s father, Dennis Shepard, wants you to support Congress’ Matthew Shepard Act, which includes gays in hate crime legislation:

All of us–gay and straight alike–need to act. Hate affects each and every one of us. It knows no limits, follows no clear set of rules, and has infiltrated our society’s most basic institutions.

For more information on how to contact your respective Senators, visit Matthew Shepard’s website.

Rosie v. Paula Abdul: the legend begins.

Uniqlo v. Gap: no contest.

• New York’s Human Rights Division allegedly prefers white gay men, getting sued for discrimination.

• You can thank crazy-as-a-shit-house-rat Lauryn Hill for ruining the Fugees reunion you didn’t want anymore.

• North Carolina Episcopal Reverend Dr. Scott E. McLaughlin wants to make one thing clear: not all American Anglicans like gays. Just in case you forgot.

• A big congratulations to PageOneQ’s Mike Rogers: he’s a BlogPAC hero!

Queer Canadian couple awarded $10,000 after facing three years of anti-gay harassment.

Ibiza is so gay.