Happy Endings: The Day Nigel Barker Worked It Out

• Friendly warning to America’s Next Top Model‘s Nigel Barker – the kids from New Now Next have been stalking you. We don’t think you’re in any danger, but you may want to be careful when/how/where you do your stretches. Also, if some faggots ask you to spot them, throw the poor boys a bone. Especially if you’re wearing short shorts. [New Now Next]

Lance Bass is writing a memoir not-so-cleverly entitled Out of Sync. [Entertainment Tonight]

Gawker wants you to rename it. [Gawker]

• Meanwhile, Bass’ ex’s (Reichen) ex and former Amazing Race contestant, Chip Arndt, hopes to raise 100,000 to fight AIDS. Cool, right? What’s not so cool is that his correspondent MySpace page plays “Here Comes The Sun”. What about Michael Jackson‘s Ryan White memorial tune, “Gone To Soon”? Too depressing? Okay, what about “You’ve Really Got Me” by The Kinks? Oh, wait… [MySpace]

• Largo’s would-be city womanager Steve Stanton‘s still deciding whether to appeal his firing after announcing impending sex change. [St. Petersburg Times]

No more gay only bars in England. Contrary to what you may think, this is a good thing… [Pink News UK]

• Universal Press Syndicate vows to continue publishing Ann Coulter‘s column. [TPM]

• No Idol for The View. [TMZ]

• Holy fucking shit!! Stonewall reopens in 5 days! OMG! We’re totally hyperventilating! Hurry, someone remind us how much we don’t care!! [NY Observer]

• Don’t forget Good Times tonight at eastern bloc with guest DJ’s Baby C and Sparber. Details and some pics from a previous installment, after the jump…

The deets…

Co-owner Darren will give you anything you want…for a price.

Jimmy Im and Scott Nylund are totally fucked up.

Hey look! It’s Cat from Fanny Pack and her faggot.

That’s one sweaty slut…

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  • Leland

    A friend found this under his seat on a plane coming back from Puerto Vallarta over the weekend. Could it be a draft of Lance’s book?

    “Like everyone else, I had heard the stories of his sexual compulsion and inability to be faithful to his endless succession of ‘husbands’, but, like fools for skin deep beauty since the dawn of time, I thought I could be the one to change him, and believed every lie he told me. Even after I found out that the place he took me on our first official ‘date’—the Hotel Bel-Air—had been the scene of his and Chip’s wedding. In retrospect, instead of thinking about what a talented bottom he was, I should have listened to that little voice inside that said, ‘There’s something creepy about this’.

    But I did learn one thing very quickly. After nearly falling in the first time I fucked him, I always tied a rope around my waist before getting anywhere near his ass with a hard on. A friend suggested paying someone to combine a cock ring with one of those GPS tracking devices that skiers use in areas prone to avalanches but I found rope turned him on a lot more and any among the menages he kept engineering could hold onto the other end. I think I left my Grammy award in there somewhere.

    Davis: wherever you are—THANK YOU!”

  • nystudman

    It’s ridiculous and shameful for any bar to discriminate against anyone. But how did these Limey bars know that someone was het? Don’t tell me the Fashion Police, because The Gays dress at least as badly these days

  • maxsmart

    I’m glad Chip Arndt is actually using his 15 minutes of fame to do some good vs others who just want to extend the 15 minutes. What’s with the hating?

    Again, what’s with the nastiness re Stonewall. It’s a landmark. Not all bars can be the Roxy.

  • Kathryn Irby

    Personally, I think Ann Coulter is a transsexual! Get a load of that Adam’s Apple!

    Metairie, LA

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