Happy Endings: The Day Paris Went To Jail

• We’re not sure if you’ve heard, but pseudo-celebrity and professional fuck-up Paris Hilton went to prison today. The hotel heiress must complete a mandatory sentecen after driving under the influence of alcohol and stupidity on a suspended license. Sarah Silverman gave her a fitting send-off at the MTV Movie Awards and New York’s Madame Tussaud’s gave Hilton’s wax replica a timely make-over. We’ve never heard of the fames wax museum changing a figure’s costume to fit their incarceration status. ‘Tis the inexplicable power of Paris Hilton…

It’s anti-gay Bingo! Brought to you by Willie Hewes!

• London has unveiled the fucking radical Olympics 2012 logo.

• One hit from Hostel director Eli Roth’s penis and you’re a goner.

Jackson Heights, Queens‘ Gay Pride needs to seen to be believed.

George Clooney would help save Laguna Beach’s gay bar, the Boom Boom Room, but he doesn’t want anyone to think he’s gay. Brad Pitt would, too, but he’s too busy sucking George Clooney’s dick.

Ad sales in gay media grow faster than their straight counterparts, but can they last?

The Fragrance Awards – the best smelling awards show this side of the awards show calendar. Now in video form.