Happy Endings: The Day Romano Prodi Stepped Down!

• So, Italian PM Romano Prodi‘s handed in his resignation over some bullshit – apparently he wanted expand the US military base northern Italy and send more troops to Afghanistan, but some colleagues thought that the price too high. That doesn’t constitute quitting, we don’t think. But is sure is a convenient death for that gay marriage bill, huh? [BBC News]

• Meanwhile, things are a fright down over in Tanzania. Apparently there’s a man-raping bat demon on the loose and the only way to stop it’s by getting lubed up and sleeping with a bunch of men. Actually, we may have found our next travel destination… [BBC News via Can O Whoop Ass]

• From man-raping bat demons to soul-sucking brain zombies: the cinematic backdrop for The Georgraphy Club author and known homosexual, Brent Hartinger‘s latest title: Split Screen: Attack of the Soul-Sucking Brain Zombies. We haven’t read it, but we’re down for pretty much anything that involves zombies. [AfterEllen Blog]

• In other soul-sucking brain zombie news: Howard K. Stern. [TMZ]

• Despite all these crumbling governments and ghoulish monsters, there’s still more Oprah on Ellen Promotional Madness! (Co-Starring Steadman.) [YouTube]

• At least Guantanamo’s got something going for it: Gaytanamo. [Gay Porn Blog]

• Oh, right, we forgot about yesterday’s weirdness: that spiteful exchange between Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest. You kids can fill in the blanks, we’re sure. [IHT]

UPDATE: Don’t forget to come get drunk with us at the Jimmy Im endorsed, eastern bloc housed Goodtimes. Details after the jump…


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