Happy Endings: The Day Rufus Came Clean

Rufus Wainwright misses his drug-fueled wild days, but isn’t about to hop on (or is it off?) the drug wagon. Don’t worry, though, he’s not going to become one of those perpetually chipper sober sisters. He’s got enough misery to last a lifetime. Or, at least, a new album.

Theresa Sparks‘ has quite a tale, even for San Francisco. The post-op transgendered woman started out in waste management, patented two recycling techniques, decided to become a woman, lost her family, lost her fortune, drove a cab, took over a sex toy company, made back her fortune and has now been elected President of the city’s Police Department. Some crazy shit…

Rome’s “Family Day” targets gays, unwed mothers, miscellaneous sinners.

• Art fags have decried powerHouse books’ concession to the Design Fair. Complying with the fair’s organizers, the Brooklyn-based gallery removed a few shots by Ryan McGinley and Brian Kenny. powerHouse founder, Daniel Power explains himself:

We’re not a museum; we’re able to occupy a gigantic space like this because people do come in and buy books and sometimes art, and yes, rent the space for events. The Design Fair could have asked for all the art come to down, as rentals occasionally do and as we have done in the past–regardless of the content of the work.

Ain’t It Cool has some gossip on NBC’s heroic fall line-up:

It looks like NBC is using the six-hour Heroes: Origins spinoff to plug up “repeat holes” in the Heroes schedule. Set in the Heroes universe, the spinoff is to introduce a new hero each week that may be integrated into the main show. Is it an anthology series?

Whitney and Michael Jordan?

• This TMZ comparison of “Funny Ladies” Kathy Griffin and Carrot Top makes us look like pussy cats: