Happy Endings: The Day Shakira and Beyonce Became One!

• If there’s one thing lesbians love, it’s ladies. Yep, they’re all about the chicks. So, of course the sappho-journos over at AfterEllen were all over the Shakira/Beyonce mega-collaboration, “Beautiful Liar”. We’ve reposted the video after the jump, but you should head over and see what the girls had to say. “Sometimes, it’s difficult to distinguish Beyoncé from Shakira and Shakira from Beyoncé. But, really, who’s complaining?” Sluts. [AfterEllen]

• Now this is slutty: NYC Man seeks all of Hell’s Kitchen. [craigslist]

• But the ladies at The View think Paris Hilton‘s the biggest slut of all. She’s so slutty, in fact, that she could feasibly have sex with a horse. That’s what Joy Behar says… [BWE]

Peter Tatchell doesn’t think London Mayor Ken Livingstone‘s a slut, but he does think he needs to check himself before wrecks himself. Livingstone implied that Tatchell’s an Islamophobe. Tatchell says, “That ain’t so, buster!”

Michael Savage may be a total homophobe prick, but he’s going to make CAA lots of money. [TMZ]

Playboy TV is dead! Oh, dead god, no! Playboy TV is dead!! How ever will we go on? Oh, well,, we’ll just have to use the internet. Like everybody else. [Jossip]

The Black Party‘s Back. And this time it’s holy. [Saint At Large]