Happy Endings: The Day Siegfried & Roy Came Out

• In case you didn’t know, Siegfried and Roy are gay.

They just never came out. Las Vegas magicians Siegfried & Roy are coming out of the closet in a highly anticipated autobiography soon to be released. It may not come as a big surprise to most people that the two performers are gay but it will be the first time they admit to this officially.

According to details from the upcoming book leaked to the National Enquirer, Siegfried and Roy [were] once very much in love but have since transformed their relationship into a working partnership and a deep friendship.

Now that that’s out of the way, we can all go on living our lives.

Michael Lucas interviews the controversial “artist/activist”, Charles Merrill. The interview’s not as hateful as we imagined – don’t get us wrong, it’s hateful, just not to such a jaw-dropping degree. It is, however, as idiotic as we imagined. Lucas describes Merrill: “A self-made millionaire (he co-founded Merrill-Lynch), he moved among high-society during the years of his marriage.” Actually, Charles Merill didn’t co-found Merrill-Lynch. He’s the cousin of Merrill-Lynch’s co-founder of the same name. But, whatever…

• Homophobes get creative with video game dedicated to avoiding gay people. How clever!

Ugandan government continues to deny gays their rights.

• What kind of sick, deranged individual allows their child to play with Paris Hilton?

Britney Spears planning VMA comeback? That girl needs more than the VMA’s. She needs a hit single. And a prayer.

• Republican presidential hopeful Fred Thompson not down with gay marriage:

[If elected, he] would push for a constitutional amendment that protects states from being forced to honor gay marriages performed in other states.

“I don’t think that one state ought to be able to pass a law requiring gay marriage or allowing gay marriage and have another state be required to follow along,” on gay marriage: I don’t think that one state ought to be able to pass a law requiring gay marriage or allowing gay marriage and have another state be required to follow along.”

Surprise, surprise…

Gay marriage fight makes moves in California.

• Huffington Post’s RJ Eskow on Bill O’Reilly.

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  • thepearlmag

    AHahahahahaha **takes deep breath*** aaahaaahh

  • cjc

    I think it’s seriously time for progressive states to entertain the notion of secession. Or maybe expulsion of the retarded states. Just take me first and I’m cool with it.

  • mozzer13

    With all the problems in our country, what we really need is a commander-in-chief spending his time lobbying to make certain the gays can’t get access to the wedding registry at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Fuck Fred Thompson with the Full Faith and Credit Clause.

  • mrpeenee

    Fred seems not concerned with the existing Full Faith and Credit clause of the constitution which compels states to honor laws passed in other states and which would get in the way of his shiny new homophobic amendment.

  • timothyflorida

    Well, back i the mid eighties, I had a lover that was a member of the Siegfried and Roy act at the Frontier Hotel; Irving and Kenneth Feld (Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey founders0 Irving and Kenneth Feld produced the begining shows for these guys. They have always been out of the closet; they live in a house that is half dominated by the animals; Siegfried is a S&M Leather dungeon master. And Roy is a S&M slave. They are very private and only used to interact with people who were not from Las Vegas. My lover and I were frequently asked to join them at their house on several occassions; I was not interested nor was my lover. So this is not news; it is old news to most. And anyone with half a brain can tell they are lovers and have been for 20 + years!

  • timothyflorida

    Forgive the spelling errors please-I was too into writing about the girls! :0) Hollywood insider for 20 years…Ask me and I will tell you1 Let’s talk about Clive Davis! That is a story!!1 Contact me for details! Scoop on Gay Hollywood-Hit me up! [email protected]

  • timothyflorida

    Just a FYI: Just exactly how tired can we get of posers and fakes on Gay.com and other similar sites? There really are decent hard-working Gay Men (and yikes-Lesbians) that are not into a quick hook-up and who are seriously interested in meeting someone with other than a sex agenda; I, for one being a person who DOES ADMIT to having a few profiles here and there, but never really getting past the “how big are you’, or “are you a top or bottom” conversation…What happened to the days (yes, I lived them in West Hollywood, Laguna, Palm Springs to name a few) when it was a ‘surprize’ to go home with someone and get in bed and not ask any prerequsite (sp?) questions. I mean except for ‘do you have poppers’… help me out here~ Is there a site for real ‘gay & lesbian’ individuals to make new freinds and possibly more? I know everyone bitches about it, and no one wants to do anything about it; but I do. How about a real gay matching date service that can cater to our community? Who cares about Siegfried and Roy—Can anyone shed some actual light on this subject? I guess this is a new site, so I will hope to hear from legitimate (non-sex fiends) about what or where to go or an idea of how to combat this … Please let me hear your comments1 [email protected]

  • Teresa Costello

    I just recently left a a Comment about Siegfried
    and Roy. Both Siegfried and Roy are married to
    each other. They were married in 1960, on the
    Cruise Ship TS Bremen where they met.
    they are still married to each other today.

  • Teresa Costello

    Does it really matter if Siegfried and Roy are
    gay? they have been married to each other since
    1960. they wanted to keep their life PRIVATE.!!!!
    Why do you think they call it P-R-I-V-A-T-E.?
    To me it doesn’t matter I love them both with
    all of my heart. I hope they see this.
    Siegfried- I love you sweetheart with all of my heart and I care about you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Roy- I care about you so much.and I love you with
    all of my heart too.

  • Teresa Costello

    The accident proved that the love between Siegfried and Roy is still there.it brought them
    even closer together. it made them realize that
    Love endures all things. and love keeps them together.Forever and Ever Amen.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now thier marriage is stronger than ever.
    they are still together,and married to each other.
    noone can ever break the ties than bind them together.

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