Happy Endings: The Day Some Gays Got Into The Gap

• Crazy comedy duo Joey and David drum up some laughs with this Gap-spoof. Also, QueerSighted’s Kenneth Hill thinks that David’s “hot”. Pass it on.

Hyatt Hotel ain’t down with gay romance. A Houston branch of the hotel chain removed gay romance novelist Lauren Baumbach‘s very homo promotional materials. When she tried to reason with a customer service representative, he cut her off, “I’m not discussing this with you.” Must not be much of a reader.

Boy George allegedly has a history of hiring whipping boys. From pop bitch: If George’s New York neighbours are to be believed, [Auden] Carlsen is not the first escort he’s picked up for this purpose. One tells us that George often brought young chaps back to his apartment for a session with whips and chains. The neighbour regularly resorted to banging on the walls and shouting, “Can you just finish him off quietly, for Christ’s sake!”

White House tells Press, “Only you can or cannot support Tony Snow.”

• The World of Coca-Cola Museum will host an Andy Warhol exhibit. Because how else will the World of Coca-Cola Museum be taken seriously/get visitors/get press?

Iron Man‘s movie suit revealed! (PS: Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man? Our nerd side says, “no”, but our inner art fag says, “yes”.)

Illinois lawmakers are considering a bill to abolish the written consent law for HIV test. If passed, doctors will be able to test patient’s blood without their approval and/or knowledge. While this may help curb infection rates, it also blurs the line between a person’s rights and public health. Should doctors try to stem HIV, even if it means violating a person’s right to privacy?

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