Happy Endings: The Day Some Trekkies Took It To The Nth Degree

• Some queer Star Trek super fans are looking to recreate a gay episode barred by producers. They’re so deep in this shit, they even got the original writer to direct their younger, twinkier remake. Wow. [AfterElton]

• The death of a local fag rag: Sonoma’s We The People shutters after 18 years. [The Bay Area Reporter]

• One a related note: Turkish fag-rag editor Umut Guner has been acquitted on charges of “peddling pornography”. His fag-rag? Totally deemed obscene. Sentence: delivery in brown envelope. Tough break. [Pink News UK]

• Is this video of Nina Simone‘s “My Baby Just Cares For Me” racist? We can’t tell. [YouTube]

• Christ-loving Pepperdine University won’t recognize a gay club. Now the club’s being forced to associate with those heathens at Malibu chapter. Jesus just rolled over in his grave. [The Graphic]

&bull: Here’s another question: will the CIA let Warner Brothers make a movie about former CIA operative Valerie Plame and former ambassador hubby, Joseph Wilson? Our answer: only if it’s fiction. [Eat The Press]