Happy Endings: The Day The Boys Left A Mark

Ocean’s 13 stars Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and George Clooney, as well as producer Jerry Weintraub received stars on the walk of fame today. Of the honor, Clooney remarked:

I have got to say, I must say, if I had to be on my hands and knees with three other guys, I can’t think of three better guys to do it with.

For some reason we think he’s said that before…

• Once a staunch supporter of the Defense of Marriage Act, Hillary Clinton told the HRC queer questionnaire she’d like to dismantle the federal government’s role in marriage law. Does this mean she’s moving toward full endorsement of state-based same-sex marriage? Hardly.

• South Africa’s “first comprehensive lesbian website” debuts. What’s a comprehensive lesbian? Is that like versatile?

• The Independent’s Johann Hari explains to Peter Tatchell how mutliculturalism trashes civil rights.

Scooter Libby sentenced to 30 months in the clink for Valerie Plame leak. Some wonder if President Bush will grant him a pardon. We suppose he could, but then they’d need another fall guy.

• We agreed with Daily Mail when they said Victoria Beckham looks like the macho man from The Village People. Best Week Ever thinks she looks like a pig. Why can’t she be both? From here on out, Posh Spice shall be known as “that leather power bottom”.

• British boys, mark your calendar: June 23rd, the first ever Ford Pride London Football tournament. The event is the first major gay-friendly football match in London history.

• Teacher suspended after comparing “gay” and “nigger” in a discussion about discrimination. A black student erroneously believed he called her a nigger, which, we’ve all learned, would be wrong.