Happy Endings: The Day The President Got Shat On

• We’re not sure what’s funnier – the fact that a bird took a shit on President Bush or that ABC News actually used the word “poop”.

• HX Media’s Boston rag, In Newsweekly., found itself in the papers this week when associate publisher Bill Berggren‘s criminal past came back to haunt him. It seems Berggren has been arrested for a number of incidents and some questioned his role as leader for Boston’s Pride Committee. Rather than cause a stink, Berggren stepped down voluntarily. And Berggren ain’t the only one on Innews‘ stepping down. From Boston’s Weekly Dig:

In the last few weeks, their masthead has gotten a lot lighter in its loafers–editor James Lopata has left the building, as have distributor Thomas Kilduff and associate editor Alexander Sliwinski… We hear grumbling in the streets, too, that their freelancers haven’t been paid in eons.

The blurb goes on to suggest euthanasia. Ouch.

• You know what would help the African continent’s millions of AIDS patients? Doctors. Too bad there’s a shortage.

Jenny Bailey can now call herself the United Kingdom’s first trannie mayor, thus crushing our life long dreams…

South African hooker outs celebrities, media refuses to pass names along.

Mitt Romney doesn’t hate gays:

I oppose discrimination against gay people. I am not anti-gay. I know there are some Republicans, or some people in the country who are looking for someone who is anti-gay and that’s not me.

Wait, isn’t trying to stomp gay marriage discriminatory?