Happy Endings: The Day The World Went To Pot!

• Now that you’re mind’s been completely blown by Hilary Duff‘s incredible charisma, you may be interested to hear that pot activists, Americans for Safe Access have filed a lawsuit against the federal government. Basing their argument on last week’s study affirming marijuana’s medicinal affects in HIV patients – that is, the patients getting high felt way better than those getting a stupid placebo – the ASA hopes to end the government’s reign of bummer-inducing tyranny. [CBS News]

• Meanwhile, the democracy-seeking Second Life Liberation Army has launched its first attack against cyber-world Second Life – blowing up an American Apparel and Reebok stores, thus sparking what may become a virtual war on terror. One militant member said, “The population of the world should have a say in the running of the world”. Um, he does know Second Life doesn’t really exist? [Second Life Liberation Army]

• Utah-based journo Jay Walker‘s blowin’ up Fred Phelps and Friends’ spot. He thinks that if the “God Hates Fags” protesters insist on blowing Leviticus out of proportion, they’d better start practicing the Bible’s other “outrageous” laws, like stoning rape victims. [The Daily Utah]

• Come hell or high water, New York Bishop Mark Sisk will not let the Anglican Communion blow up his moral integrity. Of the group’s prescribed ban on the American Episcopal’s gay loving ways, Sisk says, “I am not in the least prepared to make any concession that strikes at the heart of my conviction that gay and lesbian people are God’s beloved children.” Go on, girl! [NYDN]

• Speaking of girls going on: is Britney Spears looking to blow up the world record for most rehab visits in a week? [Jossip]

The Roxy will close its doors on March 10th. It’ll will be blown up a few days later. [Joe. My. God.]

• Go blow up David Lachapelle‘s spot at Soho’s Taschen store. In turn, he’ll sign your copy of his new book and give you an invite to the after party. It’s going on right now, you’d better get going. And so should we… [Gothamist]