Happy Endings: The Day This Guy Felt Like Shit

• It was all about the Good Times last night at the eastern bloc-housed, Chris Bell-spun, Queerty-loved, Svdeka-soaked weekly party. Check out some pictures over at Twerking and plan your pose for next week. Same gay place. Same gay Good Times.

Keith Olbermann names voter/gay scandal-ridden political, North Carolina Representative Patrick McHenry “worst person in the world”.

Trans activists in Massachusetts are pushing for a bill to lift their 100% natural rights. (Get it?)

Fred Phelps and his rootin’ tootin’ Westboro Baptists are gearing up to protest Reverend Jerry Falwell‘s funeral. From GodhatesAmerica.com:

WBC will preach at the memorial service of the corpulent false prophet Jerry Falwell, who spent his entire life prophesying lies and false doctrines like ‘God loves everyone’.

The nerve!

The sinful list goes on:

Falwell warmly praised Christ-rejecting Jews, pedophile-condoning Catholics, money-grubbing compromisers, practicing fags like Mel White, and backsliders like Billy Graham and Robert Schuler…


• Three Ann Coulter penned sentences on Jerry Falwell: One: “…No man better illustrates my warning that it doesn’t pay to be nice to liberals.” Two: “There have always been gay people – even in the prelapsarian ’50s that Jerry Falwell and I would like to return to, when God protected America from everything but ourselves.” Three: “Teletubbies producers immediately denounced the suggestion that Tinky Winky was gay – though they admitted that he was once briefly engaged to Liza Minnelli.” And that ain’t the only thing funny about this shit.

President Bush on whether or not he’s “partly to blame” for Prime Minister Tony Blair‘s departure: “I haven’t polled the Labour conference, but, could be. The question is, am I to blame for his leaving? I don’t know”. Cue awkward chuckle.
Jon Stewart wins the top-slop on Best Week Ever‘s Top 15 Sexiest Nerd Boys list. Louis Theroux was robbed!

Lindsay Lohan makes us question “sexy”.