Happy Endings: The Day We Couldn’t Look Away

Tyra Banks loves Rosie O’Donnell‘s ta-tas.

• Friday’s 20/20 features a Barbara Walters piece on transgender children and their families. Discussing the experience, Walters tells Dan Avery: “I am astounded by their courage. I think these children have a very hard future to face. In some ways it’s heartbreaking, but in other ways it’s uplifting. I had heard of the diagnosis and knew people went through this, but nothing prepared me for the love and sensitivity these people have for their children. That’s what this is about.” If only all journalists were so altruistic.

Colombia grows more than coca. Gay activists have been pushing for expanded rights. And people are getting hooked…

“Obama The Magic Negro”? How does Rush Limbaugh‘s butt boy, Paul Shanklin still have a job. Seriously…

• The European Union may be gearing up for a bit of a gay battle with Poland. Our money’s on The Union.

Louis Vuitton and other luxury brands vow to stop hiring such nasty, snotty cunts.