Happy Endings: The Day We Decided We Want To Fuck Brandon Beemer

• It’s that time of the month again. No, not that time – that shit usually starts flowing around the fourth week. We’re talking about the new voting period for 247gay’s ever-rotating cast of attractives. New additions: Pete Wentz, Eric Balfour and Ryan Diesel. We’re still cheering for Days of Our Lives stud and alleged Lance Bass lover, Brandon Beemer. [247Gay]

• Does the internet hurt gays? [Fridae]

• It’s certainly not doing anything to help the fag’s get laid, that’s for damn sure. [Pink News UK]

• The Power Issue subject, performance artist and photography Adrian L. Acosta just made a slide show of his most recent work. And guess what – he wants you to check it out. [YouTube]

Anderson Cooper loves to eat Stephen Colbert‘s cream. Especially when it’s iced. [Eat The Press]

New Hampshire‘s homos can’t seem to reach a consensus on gay marriage. But, really, who can? [Foster’s]

• Mark you calendars: the hate crime trial against alleged homo-hater George Clinton Young starts next week. [Pegasus News]

Davis Mallory, The Real World‘s resident homo, can’t believe he helped break up Lance and Reichen by snogging Reichen. As you can see, Lance has (allegedly) done well for himself. [Gay Socialites]

• Because we love you more than anything in the world, we’ve posted Ciara‘s video for “Like A Boy”. We’re not sure how we feel about it…

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