Happy Endings: The Day We Dedicated To Our Mothers

John Roberts – the same man who brought us Jackie & Debra – has done it again. Send this one along to your mom. Especially if you’re not out yet. It’ll help her work through it…

Ivan Marrow, the gay businessman who alleges Zurich Life ruined his business, may love being gay, but he wishes he were born straight.

• Ex-Idol on Sanjaya Malakar on I Love New York 2? Or does TMZ just think all Indian people look alike?

• Can the church save Jamaica‘s homos? According to American lesbian Reverend Nancy Wilson, yes: “We have strong allies in heterosexual church leaders here, but sometimes they are afraid to speak out for fear of being criticized by others, and so I met with many of them this week and say you have to come out and tell the others that they don’t speak for all of you.”

• Hey, wanna see pictures of Lindsay Lohan snorting coke? Look no further.

• Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty vetoed the state’s domestic partnership bill. Outfront Minnesota executive director Ann DeGroot ain’t happy: “This veto is not good government. It’s the state telling local governments what they can and cannot do. We thought the governor supported local control. The governor has chosen to make a political point over good public policy.” No wonder Pawlenty is GOP presidential candidate John McCain’s election committee co-chair.

Advertisers are now one step closer to taking over the entire world. Next stop: your dreams.