Happy Endings: The Day We Ended Laughing

• A beautiful reader sent along this comic and we thought we’d send it along to you. You need a chuckle. We do, however, have a question: what if someone’s an illegal immigrant and gay??

• GOP straight man and former South Dakota Senator Don Frankenfeld comes out for gay rights and joins gay rights advocacy group.

Gay people need to think beyond their immediate political needs.

Married, With Children actress Amanda Bearse on how the Iraq War killed her patriotism:

But as the days and years have passed, I’ve come to view the American flag in disgust. Not for the people that choose to slap the stickers all over their vehicles, but for what it represents to me as a member of our nation. I am ashamed of our government. I no longer trust in it to tell us the truth of what is really happening on the other side of the world, much less at home here in our United States.

If you can’t trust America, who can you trust?

bull; Obama Girl’s triumphant return. Sans video hos.

• Wait, who’s Kristian Laliberte?

• Sacramento police issue want to talk to Andrey Vusik about his alleged role in Satendar Singh’s very real – and seemingly hateful – death.

(Sorry to bust out early, readers. We’re headed to Los Angeles for the great gay debates. Head on over tomorrow for some spectacularly queer-ty coverage!)

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