And Our Hair Tricked Nora Ephron

Happy Endings: The Day We Felt Peaceful

• MTV apparently wouldn’t play Faithless‘ “Bombs” because it’s too controversial.

Gianni Versace’s lover, Antonio D’Amico, remembers his fallen lover and the assassination that stole a fashion visionary:

It was not a day, just a moment, like lightening. I heard the shot, and I ran outside the house. I saw Gianni in a pool of blood. It was like somebody cut me in two parts with an ax. Complete darkness – and this pain in my stomach! Can you imagine? The day before we were in the swimming pool hugging, and he said to me: “You know, Tato, after all these years our relationship is still so solid and beautiful.”

• TMZ’s way meaner to Rosie O’Donnell than we’d ever imagine. Okay, okay, we’d imagine being so mean, but we’d never make fun of her wet suit. Oh, that’s a t-shirt. (Oops.)

Alvaro Orozco, the gay Nicaraguan refugee Canada wants out, has gone into hiding.

Tegan and Sara sing about gay marriage and its discontents.

Ugandan gays resist anti-gay laws. Oscar Kihika of Uganda Law Society says these laws ain’t effective:

You can’t just arrest someone for saying they are gay. That’s like arresting someone just because he says he stole something, with no proof. You have to have a witness, and you would have to identify the stolen item before you could press charges.

Germans love Japanese pop culture.

Michelangelo Signorile on the late Merv Grifffin’s closet. “Merv Griffin was an example of how dangerous the closet can be…” While that may be true, we’re eternally grateful for Jeopardy.

• It’s your hair’s fault Nora Ephron doesn’t recognize you.