Happy Endings: The Day We Forgot To Talk About The GayVn Awards

Michael Lucas made history at this weekend’s GayVN awards, taking home a record fourteen honors, including best non-sexual performance for Savannah Samson (pictured). Mazel to the tov, Savannah. Oh, and to you, too, Michael. [San Francisco Chronicle]

• If you’re at all interested in pictures from the GAYVN after-party (and we know you are), then follow the link. [Tim and Roma]

Titanic director James Cameron found Jesus (or, at least, his so-called “tomb”). [Sydney Morning Herald]

• Our world’s just crumbled: Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz smoke pot. How disgraceful… [Mollygood]

Ed Droste and the other kids from Grizzly Bear have a new video. It’s totally creepy. [stereogum]

Elton John‘s party netted 4.2 million bones to help fight AIDS. We threw a similar party and we made about five dollars and a bit of lint. We donated the lint and kept the $5. What? We need money, too. [365 Gay]