Happy Endings: The Day We Forgot To Talk About The GayVn Awards

Michael Lucas made history at this weekend’s GayVN awards, taking home a record fourteen honors, including best non-sexual performance for Savannah Samson (pictured). Mazel to the tov, Savannah. Oh, and to you, too, Michael. [San Francisco Chronicle]

• If you’re at all interested in pictures from the GAYVN after-party (and we know you are), then follow the link. [Tim and Roma]

Titanic director James Cameron found Jesus (or, at least, his so-called “tomb”). [Sydney Morning Herald]

• Our world’s just crumbled: Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz smoke pot. How disgraceful… [Mollygood]

Ed Droste and the other kids from Grizzly Bear have a new video. It’s totally creepy. [stereogum]

Elton John‘s party netted 4.2 million bones to help fight AIDS. We threw a similar party and we made about five dollars and a bit of lint. We donated the lint and kept the $5. What? We need money, too. [365 Gay]

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  • ggreen

    The GAYVN awards, if the gay porn industry didn’t give itself awards no one else would. Kathy Griffin is great but who wants to spend $100+ to see a bunch of steroid puffy queens kiss Chi Chi La Rue’s fat ass? (Yet again) Or see Michael Brandon’s over exposed self.

    The producers make millions off overpriced dismal product while chewing up and spitting performers who make very little with no residuals.

    Gay porn has not eroticism left in it; it’s all circus tricks with whips dildos and fists. One studios product could easily be interchanged with another. Mechanical viagra tops with bottoms that look like they’d rather be shopping for Prada.

  • Bryan

    The WHAT awards? please. I’m not surprised you guys missed that, it sounds ridiculous! PORN AWARDS? it sounds surprisingly more absurd than nightlife awards. I really can’t think of anything stupider. I love porn as much as the next guy, but really, awards? really? PUH-LEASE!

  • nystudman

    Reminds me of that line in Annie Hall, when woody allen says “they give out awards for everything out here. Best Dictator: Adolph Hitler.”

  • Paul Raposo

    Ageed ggreen, especially about Chi Chi LaRue. I stopped buying pro porn years ago when every performer looked the same; every scene looked the same; and the actors all started looking very bored. Don’t get me started on the “gay-for-pay” bullshit and performers who got paid small fortunes to deliver limp performances. Euro porn was looking prety good for a while, but that didn’t last long with the American influence creeping in. That’s why I stick to amateur porn now. Real gay men, real couples and really hot sex

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