Happy Endings: The Day We Found Our Power

• We have to give a huge thanks to reader Nathan, for he led us to this Marvel Comics-endorsed website where you can make your own super hero. It’s fucking rad and you should go make one. Here’s our first attempt: Ass Licker! And, yes, the exclamation mark’s part of his name. You have to say it like that: “Ass Licker!” no matter what, even if you’re whispering. His power: he licks ass, of course. We expect he’ll have some friends soon. [heromachine]

• Speaking of heroes, Britney Spears apparently has three: her mama, her ex and her lawyer. We’d argue the third’s the most powerful. [TMZ]

• Here’s a heroic Hebrew: orthodox Rabbi Steve Greenberg. He’s lent his voice to the great gay marriage debate. His argument revolves around the necessary distinction between civil matters and those of faith: “By denying the right to civil unions, states are in violation of civil rights…” [Emory]

• Yee-haw! It’s time for the Gay Rodeo, y’all. [Dallas Morning News]

• Sounds like Kenneth Hill needs a trip to that there Gay Rodeo. He’s getting all nostalgic for Brokeback. [QueerSighted]

• Meanwhile, Rupert Everett‘s hosting Sydney’s Mardi Gras. Naked. Okay, not naked, but he’s apparently at a loss at what to wear. Also, Also, he’s got a new book out. Not sure if you’ve heard… [Sydney Morning Herald]