Happy Endings: The Day We Kept It Simple

• Tory politico, Sir Simon Milton, has come out of the closet and will be marrying his long-time lover, Robert Davis. Of coming out, Milton remarks: “The time was right…We’re happy and excited. I would rather tell people myself than be the subject of rumour.”

• The murder rate for trans California women just keeps on rising

• Despite activist pressure, the FDA won’t be lifting its “gay blood” ban.

PlanetOut Inc‘s stock continues to fall.

Kurt Cobain, Joey Ramone, other dead rock stars live! Wear Doc Martens!

• Ahhhh! It’s Kylie Minogue‘s head! And it’s floating!

• Lesbian alleges shelter left her out in the cold: “It was pretty clear the reason she put me on hold is because I said I was a lesbian.”

Did Dick Cheney hire hookers? From Roll Call: “Vice President Cheney isn’t not on the phone records of the alleged D.C. Madam, who is accused of running a high-price call-girl ring in Washington, the accused madam’s lawyer said on Tuesday.”