And Nicole Richie's Breasts Caused Controversy

Happy Endings: The Day We Learned How To Use The Race Card

• A little lesson on the race card. Rules apply to the gay card, too.

• Why do straight men continue to confuse being gay with being losers?

Gay refugees hope the United States shows them some asylum love. Poor, delusional souls.

• This says it all:

The director of a prominent soccer club insinuates on national television that a player on a rival team is gay. The player sues for slander and goes on TV to deny being homosexual. A judge causes an uproar by saying gays don’t belong in Brazilian soccer.

The judge later corrects himself,

Not that a homosexual can’t play soccer. He can, but he must form his own team and federation, setting up matches with those who want to play against him.

Ew, who’d want to play footie with a faggot?

A look at TV’s new gay judge, David Young, who, surprisingly, isn’t a total caricature.

Janice Dickinson can’t get a date, forced to recruit"security fag". • Best Week Ever is on fire!!

• Who knew Nicole Richie’s tits could cause so much drama?