And Tori Pulled A Reichen

Happy Endings: The Day We Learned The Emmy Noms.

Kyra Sedgwick, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences CEO Dick Askin and Jon Cryer are thrilled to be reading announcing the Emmy nominations.

• Fattie v. Fattie: Perez Hilton challenges Jason Davis to hot dog eating contest. And, also, a race. He’s so health conscious!

• “First gay Latin star” Jade Esteban Estrada to play villain in Bruiser and Scratch video game.

Cathy Horyn recalls Versace murder.

• God bless Tammy Faye: dying of lung cancer, weighing next to nothing, still going strong and appearing on Larry King tonight.

• Federal judge dismisses Valerie Plame‘s civil lawsuit against VP Dick Cheney, Bush Administration.

Kate Beckinsdale to play Judith Miller?

• Check out some pictures from last night’s Good Times, including the worst picture of our editor in history.

• Gay Iranian refugee Shahin Portofeh details how he escaped from prison and trekked across the Middle East in search of sexual freedom.

• Michiko Kakutani ruins Harry Potter ending. Precocious NY Times reading eight-year old plan revolt.

• Self-described “gay love coach” Brian Rzepczynski works his magic once again: offers “dating values”.

Tori Spelling joins crazy Reichen in selling cheap, ugly jewelry.