And Britney Looked Like Shit

Happy Endings: The Day We Read A Book
• Apparently this pro-book PSA has been running on BET. What would the gay version sound like? It would probably have a disco beat.

• A reader gave us a crazy idea – maybe we can all save democratic presidential candidate Mike Gravel from HRC’s snobbish scorn by donating some dough. Do you think if he raises $100,000 by August 9th, he can join his political peers? Let’s find out!

• Lesbian comedienne Kate Clinton lends her support to Hillary Clinton: “At this point I’d rather be screwed over by a woman”. At least Kate’s a realist.

• RIP Fridae co-founder Robert Yeoh.

Michael Moore tells The Advocate that he’s intrigued by making a gay rights movie.

Transformers hero Shia Labeouf is cute. ‘Nuff said.

• Do we really need a Footloose musical movie?

Libya‘s Supreme Court uphold death sentence for five Belgian nurses and a Palestinian doctor accused of knowingly infecting children with HIV. The news come one day after Gadhafi International Foundation for Charity Associations claimed to have reached a settlement.

Britney boozing on the sly?