Happy Endings: The Day We Rediscovered The White Shirt

• Vacation’s can be a refreshing experience. So can shopping. And there ain’t no item more refreshing than a finely pressed white shirt. Yeah, they can get a little boring, but Refinery 29‘s got the skinny on Surface to Air‘s new “Vent” shirt. It’s anything but…

• Talk about unmotherly love: Britain’s Zara Care has lost custody of her two-year old son and three-year daughter children after forcing them to fight on camera. As the little boy punched his old sis, 21-year old Care repeatedly called him a “wimp” and a “bloody faggot”. We call her a shitting shit mum.

Scary Spice also trotted her tot in front of the camera, only these were for OK! Too bad Eddie Murphy couldn’t make it, because the cover acts as a familial introduction. Or does it?

Human Rights Campaign wants to make sure your trans coming out is a happy trans coming out.

Robots! They’re more common (and scarier) than you think.

Kryptonite! Scientists have discovered a mineral resembling kryptonite. It’s official. Reality’s become a comic book.

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