Happy Endings: The Day We Saw Gerard Butler’s Penis

Gerard Butler. Naked. ‘Nuff said. [!! omg blog !!]

• It sure is hard being gay in suburbia. Especially when you can’t find a whore to settled down with you. [Daily Herald]

• It’s alright to be gay in Latin America. Just remember not to try to be too normal. [The Economist]

Stephen Colbert on ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’. [PageOneQ]

The Roxy‘s closing on Saturday. Get you glitter, glow sticks and shitty club mixes and live it up. [NY Observer]

South African flick Black Beaulahs takes a look at the lives of three gay men in Soweto. Did you know that “beaulah” is South African slang for beautiful man? Well, now you do… [Mamba Online]

• The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force sez, “Porn stars are just like us!” [AmericaBlog]

• A Forrest Gump sequel? Vomit. [Ain’t It Cool?]

• Maryland’s Montgomery County School says fuck you to haters and vows to keep teaching about homosexuality. [Washington Times]