Happy Endings: The Day You Learned To Dress Your Age

• There’s a scourge wreaking sartorial havoc on gay communities – men who refuse to age gracefully. Pretty scary, right? Don’t worry, Patrick Huguenin can help. First, you have to decide where you’re coming from and where you want to go. We’re leaning toward a rake (pictured). Pretty sexy for a sketch, no? [Genre]

Outrage! outraged over Ghana‘s anti-gay laws. They best be careful, lest they have another Nigeria controversy. [UK Gay News]

Arkansas advanced a bill to ban gay adoptions. Fuckers. [Arkansas News]

Mr. Show on reparative therapy. [QueerSighted]

• Where’s The Simpsons Movie premiering? Springfield, of course. Which Springfield? That depends on which one’s got the most Simpsons love. [Houston Chronicle]

• Lesbians love Amy Winehouse and her drunken ways. But, really, who doesn’t? [AfterEllen]

Matt Sanchez had a little chat with Michelangelo Signorile. Joe from Joe.My.God’s totally got the audio. Best if taken with a grain of salt and a whole lotta disbelief. [Joe.My.God]

• Gay veteran and Don’t Ask activist, Eric Alva to General Peter Pace: “Judging gay men and women in the military for factors unrelated to their fitness to serve undermines our military’s effectiveness.” [Pink News UK]

HRC said something, too. [HRC]

General Peter Pace to world: “I admit I shouldn’t have said anything, but I’m still not apologizing to a bunch of immoral butt fuckers. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go fuck Ann Coulter up the ass.” [HuffPo]

• Finally, a friend sent us the video for a German toilet commercial. Let’s just say it makes us reconsider how, where and when we do our next line of blow. See for yourself, after the jump…