Happy Endings: The KKK Are Styling

The KKK rallied for the same-sex marriage ban in Bush country over the weekend. Instead of getting decked out in their trademark sparkling white hoods they dressed in black clothes carrying wooden shields and wore confederate flag bandanas. A much warmer look for them.

• It seems like Tom Cruise’s sis wasn’t doing a good job selling us on he and scientologist-to-be, Katie Holmes’s romance. So the loving brother sacked her. The tough job now falls on a new PR guru. We wish him good luck. He’ll need it.


• First hurricanes, now the war in Iraq. Apparently we gays are responsible for just about every tragic event in the world right now. We’re evil, we tell you!

• No one, not even Mr. Ciccone himself, tells Madonna what to wear. Ever.

• Jumping on the Anderson Cooper bandwagon perhaps, ABC gays up Matt Lauer. (Via Towleroad)

Variety reviews Brokeback Mountain and evidently today’s Morning Goods guy has some talent to match his rugged good looks.