Happy Endings: The Legend Of Bagger Trance (Sexual)

•Danish golfers who’ve had their own golf clubs lopped off get to keep swinging in the pro leagues.


A Florida school has settled a lawsuit with a lesbian student whose picture they pulled from the yearbook. Why? Because she was wearing a tux in the photo. Did anyone really think a bull dyke would stoop to wearing a “fabric drape?” For real.

•Don’t expect them to adorn the entrance to the Church with rainbow flags anytime soon, but Catholic Priests aren’t turning away any of their queer parishioners.

•Puritans aren’t so prudish after all. Connecticut will soon become the third state in New England to recognize either gay marriage or civil unions.

Wal-Mart continues its attempt at world domination by reportedly scooping Tommy Hilfiger up to its cash laden teet. Dolce & Gabbana is safe. For now.