Happy Endings: The Word Is ‘Drama Queen’


• Next year in the Scripps National Spelling Bee: “drama queen.” [AP]

• Never say the gays don’t mobilize quickly. After the New York State Court of Appeals failed to strike down the gay marriage ban, the Empire State Pride Agenda is organizing the troops. [HRC]

• The AFA’s latest target: Michigan State University. Domestic partnership benefits? Not if the right-wing has its say. [Detroit Free-Press]

Ann Coulter isn’t denying she copied other people’s work, but before she does that she needs to make a few more enemies. [Jossip]

• You thought it couldn’t be done, but it has been. The Scissor Sisters: Now gayer. [Towleroad]

• WNBA cards have become a hot item among collectors, so much so that actual fans can’t get their hands on ’em. [Out Sports]

Bonus: After the jump, a second version of Paris Hilton‘s “Stars Are Blind” video. You know, because you enjoyed it so much the first time around.