Happy Endings: There Is No Gayer Place

• The Soulforce Arrestmobile stops off in Utah, at Brigham Young University; five people get cuffed. We’re not sure what they were expecting. After all, this is the school that kicked out Julie from The Real World New Orleans, after she was filmed sleeping in the same room as a boy–and sharing a house with a homosexual! Mormons don’t mess around, just watch Big Love and you’ll see. [Salt Lake Tribune]

sunsetbridge1-thumb.jpeg• Also in the “no duh” category: San Francisco has been officially recognized as the world’s gayest city, with 20% of all men being of the homosexual variety. Big fun. Although we didn’t know 25% of them have HIV. Not that San Francisco is a hotbed of HIV infections; in fact, the city is seeing a 10% drop in HIV infections among gay men.

We presume the high numbers are a result of people with HIV moving to San Francisco, to take advantage of the excellent health care, as well as HIV+ people who are generally much healthier with the current medications available than they were in the past. [Reuters]

Chrysler Motors is drawing the ire of an ever-increasing mass of people for it’s “Silly Little Fairy” ads. We’ve watched the commercial a few more times, and we agree it’s pretty rude. There’s laughing with, and then there’s laughin at. We’re just wondering: where is the “Gay And Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation” (GLAAD) in all of this? Oh, handing out awards to Charlize Theron for a movie she did three years ago, so they can sell tickets to a party and keep the money. They’re much to busy to be doing any actual work countering defamation. [ConsumerAffairs] and [24/7Gay]

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