Happy Endings: Torino Is Gayo

• Torino was a very gay city way before Johnny Weir skated into town. [SF Gate]

• Kevin of Dresskevin.com has been described as a “real life ken doll.” Of course without the flawless blonde hair, dashing good looks, and buff bod. We can’t vouch for the smoothed out nether regions either. [KLTV]

Jay Mccarroll

• London’s mayor thinks Moscow should be more tolerant. Let them march! [GCN]

• We’re not very surprised to hear that our mothers are the ones responsible for making us queer. We knew there was a reason why she was our very first fag hag. [Forbes]

• After you watch tonight’s Project Runway reunion episode (reunion?! We haven’t even been handed the finale yet!), stick around for the debut of Project Jay, which might be a tad more interesting than your local news. Keep in mind we said “a tad.” [Bravo TV]

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